The end of a career

Did a world cup in Kayseri, Turkey. Ended up 25th.
Did a world cup in Winterberg, Germany. Ended up 19th.
Which is pretty much the same results I have been getting all season,
19,31,15,19,18,25,19 = results in World Cup season 2015/2016

As most of you know, I announced that the world cup in Winterberg would be the last competition of my career. I was hoping to end my career with a good result in Winterberg, but I wasnt able to pull it off. In the end, I dont really care what result I got in my last world cup. Because, for me, the main focus has never been on the results. It has been about chasing a dream. Enjoying the feeling of a good carving turn. Being out in nature. Snowboarding with good people. Training in order to improve skills you enjoy having. Having fun. The playfulness of carving on a nicely groomed hill. And so much more.

For 14 years I have been travelling the world alone, with no support from my federation- and it has been a lot of ups and downs. 14 years is a long time. I am getting tired of the travelling, and constantly being on the move. It’s time for me to stay in one place, pursue new goals and dreams and go snowboarding without 15 hours of travelling to get to the hill.

The main reason I have decided to end my career now, is because I want to stop before the fact that I am sick of travelling starts to infect my passion for snowboarding. The reason I end my career now is because it feels like the right time. I am happy with the career I have had as a professional snowboarder. My dream has been fullfilled, now I am gonna chase some new dreams. And I am very excited to start a “new life”. Hah 🙂

Thanks to SG SNOWBOARDS I have been able to follow my dream. On fast boards. Which really helps.
Also a big thanks to SPAREBANK 1 LOM OG SKJÅK, FRICH,  DARE2B, LEVEL, DEELUXE AND DOMBÅS TRENINGSSTUDIO for supporting me all these years.

I also want to say thank you to a lot of people. Coaches, athletes, servicemen, staff, friends, family and people. Making a list would get crazy, but you know who you are. The people that have helped me out, made my life on the road easier, backed me up, smiled when things have gotten rough, showed me the way when I needed help to see it. Thank you for being a part of my life. It means a lot to me.

See you somewhere, somehow
HK out



Bad Gastein, Rogla and Moscow

After training in Ramsau(Austria) we headed to Bad Gastein(also Austria). It was time for the first World Cup of the year 2016. I was still feeling sick, but at least I had started feeling a little better at this point. I did two OK runs in the qualifiers. And finally(!) I got into the top 16 . So far my first this season, and it was good to be back. In my first heat I was up against Ekaterina Tudegesheva and she beat me. And then she won the race. It always feels a bit better to go out against the winner of the race. By all means, I wish I beat her and won the race myself- but she was tooooo fast. So in the end, I ended up 15th. Considering I was still sick or recovering from being sick- it could have been a lot worse.


Racehill Bad Gastein

After Bad Gastein it was time to head to Slovenia to have a PGS world cup in Rogla. Previous years, me and Rogla havent exactly been the best of friends. But when I got there, I was no longer sick. I could start working out and training as normal. And Rogla is a very nice place to go running. Training previous to the race went pretty well. The SG snowboards feel amazing! And the snow was pretty much perfect. Ah, I love snowboarding ! Anyhu, competition came along. I ended up 19th. 0,04 seconds away from moving on. Im not sure if people realise how close that is. Very close. Very annoying. From rank 16 to 19 its 0,04. Basically nothing. What made that even more annoying, is that my riding was pretty good. And Im normally not a very fast GS rider. But this race, I managed to start pulling out of the start gate to early. So I stopped before I heat the startgate and when the startgate finally open I went out with the same speed that a snail holds while sprinting. Its not fast. And a bad idea when the start of the course is flaaat. In the 2nd run I did the opposite. I wanted to have a normal start, but I ended up being to hesitant. I dont even know what to say. It makes you feel very stupid when you make basic mistakes like that in a race. Especially a tight race. I try to focus on the fact that my riding was ok that day though, most of the time it works 😀


Winter in Rogla 🙂

After Rogla, time for Moscow, Russia. Snowboardrace on a ramp. I normally like this event, cause it has a little jumpy thingy in the middle. But not this year. This year it was more like a normal flat-to-steep transition. At the end, the transition won. I did not handle that thing very well. I ended up 18th. No top 16.


Ramp in Moscow

And that has been happening a lot this season, keep being close to top 16- but that’s not enough. And I really want to figure out how to get there before the season rounds off with a world cup in Kayseri, Turkey and then the last one in Winterberg, Germany.
Stay tuned to see how it goes 😉
HK out

First world cups and new year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Before the holidays started we had our first world cups of the season.


Racehill Carezza

The first one was in Carezza,Italy and was a paralell giant slalom. After two Ok runs I ended up 19th. Im always a little disappointed if I dont end up in the top 16 that get to race head-to-head. But at the same time, my riding was Ok and it feels better than it did last season. I just gotta keep on working !

After Carezza we moved to Cortina(still Italy) for the first world cup in paralell slalom. I had high hopes. Even more so after seeing the very flat race hill.
I get high expectations when we compete on a hill that I like. First run went well, safe but well. 7th in my course. 2nd run I crashed in the 4th gate. Backside turn out.


December in Cortina. Snow?

I hate crashing. I hate the feeling of disappointment I get after a race like that. But thats the way it is. It happend. Unfortunately. After a race like that I just try to forget about it as quick as possible. Remember the stuff that I can learn from, and forget the bad feelings. Sometimes it works. Haha.


Racehill Cortina

After Cortina my dear friend and fellow athlete Corinna Boccacini(Italy) was kind to drive me to the airport in Venice so I could fly home.

Was very good to come back home to my girlfriend, family and friends for a nice christmas after a disappointing race in Cortina. I got sick in Cortina, so it was a very chill christmas. A lot more relaxing than I was hoping for, but at least I had wonderful people to relax with.


Christmas at home

Right now I am in Ramsau, Austria for training. Still sick. I have a cold and my body feels “dead”. Afternoon training today, and then we go to Bad Gastein where we have a world cup on the 8th. Paralell slalom 🙂
I hope to get healthier before the race.

HK out

Training and the first Europa Cups in PGS


Hiking in Norway 🙂

After some quality time in Norway, it was time to hit the road once again.
Went for some giant slalom training in Kaunertal, a glacier I had never been to before. Was a nice change to be able to drive up to the glacier, instead of dealing with the morning rush for the gondolas.


Sunny Kaunertal with trainingslope in the shade 🙂

Had a difficult time finding a good feeling on the gs board, but for me- gs has always been a bit more problematic then slalom. I know its just a matter of putting in the training and having the patience, and it should come along eventually. Kaunertal had a lot of sun and we were able to train and chill in some sunny weather after training 😉


After the GS camp, I went back to Norway for a week or so. Its always so nice to be back home! But we had two Europa Cups in Hochfugen soon, and I had to do some more training to figure stuff out.

We ended up in Sölden, which had horrible weather and closed resort the two first days. But at least we were able to get two good days of training after that!


Happy to be back on snow !

I started getting a better feeling with the GS in Solden. Got some new Deeluxe 425 pro boots, and that definitely helped my riding a lot too. Ive been to the SG snowboards office to pick up my new boards for this season, but havent had a chance to try them out yet since theres been a lot of rocks whereever we have been training. Cant wait to try them out though !


Just enough snow for some competitions 😉

After Sőlden we drove to Hochfugen for the 2 Europa Cups. Ended up 17th in the first, and 9th place in the second. I was quite ok with the results, as the riding felt a lot better during the competitions, there was a lot of good riders there and its been a while since Ive had a top 16 in PGS.

Today we travel to Carezza to do some training before the first World Cup of the season on the 12th of December. Its a PGS race, and Im looking forward to some days of training to (hopefully) improve my riding more before the world cup kicks off. We also got an extra world cup in PSL in Cortina on the 19th of December 🙂 Excited to see how the world cups go 🙂

Stay tuned
HK out 

Season 2015/2016 has officially started :)

Back in Norway after two nice weeks on the road ! One week in Landgraaf, the Netherlands, and one week in Kaprun,Austria. I find Landgraaf to be a very good place in the beginning of the season. We snowboard in an indoor hall, and stay in a hotel right next to the slopes. 2 sessions a day on snow. Much needed for me, as that was my first return to the gates since the last World Cup in Winterberg 😉 We had two Europa Cups in Landgraaf- and I ended up 8th and 4th 🙂 Was quite happy with those results as it is early in the season, and there was a lot of strong riders in Landgraaf 🙂


Landgraaf podium+me

After some good days of training in the Netherlands it was time to pack up and head to Kaprun, Austria. Had a bit of foggy weather the first day, but it was pretty much perfect for the rest of the week. Got a lot of training on my GS boards- and it was so much fun being back on the snow ! Landgraaf is great and all, but it’s pretty nice to come back to the real mountains after a week in a fridge 😉

Kaprun Photo:Pep van Schijndel

Photo:Pep van Schijndel

Kaprun Photo: Pep Van Schijndel

Photo: Pep Van Schijndel


As of now, I am just enjoying being back home in Norway again. Relax, training and spending some quality time with my wonderful girlfriend 🙂
HK out

Ready for a new season

The sun is slowly getting colder, the leafs on the trees are turning all sorts of yellow and the snow has put a light white coat on the mountain tops.
It gives me the greates pleasure to observe this. It means the winter is near. The season is about to start. And for yet another season I get to travel the world and do the thing I love. It’s time to go snowboarding 🙂

I want to thank my wonderful sponsors for continuing to support me, and give me the great pleasure to keep representing them 🙂
SG Snowboards 
Sparebank1- Lom og Skjåk
Dombås treningsstudio

I’ve had a great summer. Working, training, laughing and enjoying life. It’s also been a good summer for the Norwegian glaciers, so I’ve spent some days on snow too 🙂




I will spend another week in Norway with my wonderful girlfriend and on the 11th of October I go to the Netherlands for a few days of training and a couple of Europa Cups. Shall be fun to be back in the gates!:)

Will do a better job at updating the blog now that winter is around the corner;)
HK out 🙂

Pura Vida

Just got home from Costa Rica. It’s been 3 good weeks of holiday. 
A good combination of a lot of food, fun,activity,  some training and a lot of relaxing.
Love having some quality Costa Rica time,  but also very excited to get back to loved ones, colder temperatures and well, home:)


Breakfast burrito


Sponsors chilling in hammock:p


Running with the dogs 🙂


Beach at sunrise


Beach at sunset

Short’n’sweet travel letter, huh?  Haha!
HK out

Season is over. Buhu

Season is over and done. Snow is melting and is almost gone. But oh my, what a season it has been. From Japan I brought back a 6th place (World Cup) and a 2nd place(friendly invitational organised by the Japanese rider Tomoka Takeuchi). Both good results in PSL, as I was not able to pull my GS riding together for the last PGS world cup of the season.


Japan was followed by Moscow- city event. Race on a ramp, short course- but it’s always a nice event. Unfortunately I messed up my 2nd run, after having a good 1st run. Very frustrating. Veeery. But I made a stupid mistake on the top part of the course and went out. Out of the course, not  the ramp. That would have been way more painful.


After Moscow we headed to Winterberg in Germany. I had never been in Winterberg, and its always nice to get to see new places and resorts. Found the snow a little tricky in training- but ended up having one of the most entertaining sessions this season. Riding the banks, after the course has been pulled, is always a good way to let out some steam and play around with the board. And then it was time for the last world cup of the season. And it was good. And it was fun. And it went well. And I actually won. Wrapped the season up with a World Cup victory, and even finished 3rd in PSL overall.
Race summary, Winterberg

Even if I had a weak season in PGS, and I was very frustrated with the results in Moscow- I made it to the top of that podium again. And to be honest, I think I still would have loved this season as much, even if the result in Winterberg wouldnt have been that good. Because I’m able to travel around the world to train, meet my friends and compete against the best athletes in the sport I love. And passion and love for a sport is not based on results. The results is just a nice bonus on top of everything else that is good.


With this I want to thank all my sponsors for helping me out and supporting me through this season.
SG Snowboards, Sparebank 1 Lom og Skjåk,Dare2b, Dombås Treningsstudio, Level Gloves, Deeluxe .
Couldnt have done it without you 🙂 Also, of course, my parents and family. And my dear friends Lene and Lars that let me crash at their place an incredible amount of  nights. They even help me recover from even the most disappointing competitions 😉

Now I have a month at home. Doing some training and relaxing, and then I will head to Costa Rica in May. I’ll try to send a little update from there.
Thanks for reading, thanks for the support aaaand take care.
HK out 🙂


has been a good year,  so far. Since the beginning of January I’ve just been travelling around doing things us snowboarders do. Mostly snowboard.  Hah. The results haven’t been quite as good as I had hoped. But at least in the Paralell Slalom I have been in the final top 16 every world cup, and got 11th place on the World Championships. Which is a good place to start.



In the Paralell Giant Slalom I have been very consistent, but just on the wrong side of the resultlist.  Mostly hanging around the 20th- 25th place. Gotta find a new place to hang out. But I’ve got to say, bad results aside,  I’m really enjoying myself these days. Life is good,  I’m really motivated to keep going and Im pretty much loving that I get to snowboard as much as I want 🙂


Rogla, Slovenia.Photo: Pep van Schijndel

For the last week I’ve been snowboarding,  training, cross country skiing, drinking coffee and enjoying some time at home in Norway. And I feel ready to go faster on these last competitions of the season.


On Tuesday I fly to Japan to do 3 competitions from the 28th- 2nd. Excited to finally go back there to compete !:) After Japan we have 1 world cup in Moscow(Russia) and  1 in Winterberg (Germany) to wrap up the competitive season. 
Hopefully I’ll return to the blog with some good news and nice numbers next time 😉

HK out

Happy New Year !

So, I have officially started my season. On the 16th we had a World Cup in Italy- I made a huge mistake and crashed. And then we had another World Cup in Montafon, Austria on the 18th- and I got 4th place !:)) Very happy with this result!  Always a little frustrating to be so close to the podium without making it.  But,  I’m still pretty happy with 4th; )


Before the world cups started we spent 2 weeks in Kaprun/Austria and 1 week in Stubai/Austria. It’s been quite challenging this season with a lack of snow and warm temperatures everywhere- but we’ve had some nice training days every now and then:)


For Christmas and New Years eve I am at home in Norway. And it feels amazing having some quality time at home.  It’s true what they say,  there’s no place like home !:)


On the 3rd I will leave my wonderful home and go to Austria. Our first world cup in 2015 is in Bad Gastein on the 9th- and then we have the world championships coming up. Exciting times ahead 🙂 can’t wait to see what this new year brings.

HK out
Hope you have a wonderful new year !